This eco house project was inspired by initial concept ideation as a manager for the solardecathlon team UCLA. The competition is divided into design and build categories, and I was considering a design that was small enough to compete in the build category and was mobile so didn't require a dedicated site. Instead it could be constructed by the school and shop facilities and moved as its usage changed. My vision is for the deisng to be used as a demonstration lab for various building efficiency and ecological technologies, and could tour around local schools or community centers in Los Angeles or further.

The design consists of three rectangular modules build on towable trailer beds with trapezoid shape shed roofs that can be arranged in various configurations, the main one being a U shape with a central deck courtyard that could be used as a garden or meeting space. the modules could be used as classrooms or labs for demonstrations or experiments. The deck, ramp and front awning could be disassembled and stored inside the modules for transport

Central Deck Courtyard as garden with raised beds

Courtyard from Roof