314 Walnut

This project began as a personal design to redevelop the odd-shaped land plot of my childhood home, which is a corner lot with a length to width ratio of over 10:1. Based on the new SB-9 zoning bill in California, I split the lot into two separate units with more manageable 1:5 ratios with a symmetrical, modern arrangement, focusing design and renderings on the leftmost unit. I wanted to design in a modern Californian style, so took the low slope gable roof common to Eichlers and extended it past the end of the house into an awning covering an upper deck, then included stairs for easy access to the 2nd story family room while angling the whole assembly out fifteen degrees towards the street. Both the fire-pit sunken into the back deck and trapezoidal front steps mirror the angled geometry of the main house, while a louvered carport with a natural rusted finish offers shade and protection for the walk-in garage workshop without enclosing it. the front yard is landscaped with drought resistant plants as a water saving measure for the Californian climate.