Tenka House

Tenka House spawned from a tiny house studio project I began as a student at College for Creative Studies in Detroit, Michigan. We worked with a local nonprofit, Cass Community Corridor to design solutions for the local tiny house neighborhood they were developing to help disadvantaged community members and provide them a path to home ownership. My original design focused on a winter greenhouse model that featured a large south facing window for solar gain and concrete slab to act as a thermal battery, storing heat to release throughout the day.

After graduating I reworked the project into a series of rectangular modules that could be configured into different size plans to accomodate various studio and two bedroom apartments. I took cues from product design esthetics and included chamfered edges, rounded corners, and a minimal clean look. The building all float on a concrete pile or screw pile foundation, allowing them to be installed in varied terrain with minimal site work.


Smallest 1b/1b module consisting of small base + 2/3 room 1/3 deck in widthwise configuration

Medium 2b/1b module consisting of large base + 2/3 room 1/3 deck in lenthwise configuration

Medium 2b/1b module consisting of two small bases and a 2/3 deck in widthwise configuration overhanging a carport